Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Amazing year. What was up is now down and vise/versa. Jennifer and Bill are looking forward to an ever more prosperous 2017 and wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.

Jennifer's new boutique Way of The Fairy Godmother is up and running at the Yoga Hangout studio in N. Phoenix Arizona. Our new #YogaMe TM  clothing line is just making its preview.

Just won its 2nd Most Inspirational eBook award this year. Click on the book title to order. On sale for years end... only $.99.

For our reading audience and everyone in the spiritual realm and yoga world, Jennifer offers you this gem below.

Belly Rocks


In yoga and martial arts developing belly awareness, in conjunction with the discipline of a physical practice, develops physical strength while simultaneously nourishing healing. The belly is the reservoir of ‘vital’ or ‘source’ energy. In Yoga we call this Prana. Life force, cosmic energy, a Divine Intelligence permeating the universe; whatever label you apply, this phenomena is accessed through the gateway of the belly;

Belly rocks are a shamanic teaching tool designed to awaken the ‘belly brain.’ More labels! Commonly described as ‘gut instinct’ or intuition this deeper intelligence is impossible to deceive. A Belly Rock builds a somatic channel of personal awareness at this confluence of mind, body, spirit. Meditative dreaming with a Belly Rock penetrates into this reservoir of personal power. But we are taking the mysteries of the belly beyond building strength into the manifestation of dreams. As you dream with your Belly Rock envision your best possible future. No dream is too small or too big. Imagining your future as you build the somatic channel of belly awareness. Don’t take my word for it, test the possibilities..

Follow these simple instructions. Find a Belly Rock to cover the general circumference of your lower belly, roughly the weigh of a city phone book. Lay it over the lower abdomen. Dream your goals and simultaneously follow your breath as it is pulled toward the abdomen. Now you are building a somatic channel, contacting the reservoir of energy held in the belly, toning muscles and nerves all while envisioning a version of your best-possible-self, living your best-possible-life.