Sunday, July 26, 2015

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The Truth about Gender Equity

Written by Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

Recently, I read an article describing a term for the atrocity, the crimes against society, perpetrated by the feminist movement. The term is gender equity. Gender equity calls for woman to be financially earning and producing equally in relationships with males. What gender equity does not take into account is the multiplicity of currencies in relationship and gender differences.

Gender difference refers to strengths between the sexes along a continuum that is gender ordained not gender neutral. It’s a broad brush stroke that has exceptions but to ignore gender differences is to strip them of their powers for good.

The implication of gender differences leads us to understand there are differences across the sexes; inherent strengths to be utilized for the betterment of the whole relationship. Gender equity would have us ignore those differences.

Surely the woman’s liberation movement wasn’t originally designed to disenfranchise women from their children. In the process we left an entire generation of children untended and un-tethered from the stability of a nuclear family.

And let’s not forget the ‘woosifying’ of men that gender equity demands. But that’s a story for another day.

Today the politically correct term gender equity shames women in general saying “take up your financial responsibilities in a relationship.” What if a woman’s native talents are to nurture? What if a man’s native talents lend themselves toward outer layers of life, making it easier to find work in the world? What if gender equity doesn’t exist?

A liberated woman can work harder than men and still make less money. This is gender equity? Woman can try and fulfill the role of mother to children in the evening hours at home only to feel harried and scattered torn between two demanding realities. Is there anything more heartbreaking then separating a woman from her baby six weeks after birth, before her cervix is completely closed from child birth, to return to work and pay another to tend her newborn? All those precious moments to bond with her new born stripped away in the name of gender equity? What kind of gender equity supports this inhumanity?

Let’s tell the truth. Women still do the majority of housekeeping. Women still are the primary parent. If we have any more gender equity I don’t know how women and children will survive.

Another truth, men still make the lion’s share of money in the work force with higher paying jobs and higher status jobs. Is that gender equity? Somehow I think something was lost in the translation of the feminist movement.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Letter to Lily

Written by Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

My beauty, centered in your glamour you are fierce. You throw Truck to the floor and chew on his neck. But your beauty is never more potent than when you are dancing and spinning, leaping across the parking lot or courtyard grass. Reveling in your grace and complete ownership of your personal authority; Lily, you are a blessing.

Other dogs out for a walk or jog around the neighborhood approach the task one foot in front of the other. When you run Lily it is full of leaps and turns floating effortlessly high above our heads.

All sentient beings stop and watch your glorious progress. Even the blades of grass struggling to stay green in desert’s heat, pause and are refreshed by your dance.

When you visit, Truck shows off all the joys of home; rice cakes, cookies in a Kong, toys, and rawhide. First visits you play within a wide swath of toys you have discovered and a potent strength and sweetness is building between you.

You began to maneuver your head under Truck’s neck to pull on his fur and settle in the privacy his folds. Your play spanning rambunctious and quiet, the focused attention you and Truck engaged…Lily, I think it’s known as in my world as chemistry.

Delight filled my house. The underpinning receptivity: Lily did you and Truck stumbled through receptivity and play, into the Great Mystery?

You arrived in romance, enmeshed in chemistry. Encompassing a dimension of Sacred Oneness, the realm where the other, is the beloved. Lily, you and Truck, teach me the power of receptivity and play.

If our beloved lives in the Great Mystery is fun the key that opens the door to this enchanted realm? Watching you and Truck tumble into the ineffable transcendent garden of primordial and alchemical transformation I understood how the fires of personal passion and chemistry ignite.

For each of us alchemy is as individual and unique as the snowflake. So potent, even in this age of technology, no one has been able to manufacture the alchemy of attraction.

Lily! You and Truck have chemistry: The indescribable elusive perfume of attraction.

When you grab Truck’s neck fur and pull, shaking your head, only to grab another mouth full of fur and begin again. I never feared you were hurting Truck. It was your one-pointed focus. You were completely relaxed yet poised and intent. In your concentration, the two of you, bathed in awe, you met at the razor’s edge and danced across the blade never wavering in your attention or receptivity.

You took Truck with you on a wonderful ride of play, lost in the world of communion with the beloved. When you took his jaw in your mouth and kneaded his jaw, chewing and chewing, you took hold of his awareness transporting him on the wild ride.

You threw Truck to the floor. He landed on his back. His four legs standing in the air began to sway with the rhythm of your pulling. The folds of fur crowding up his neck, his stomach; the soft belly, and his neck exposed. While you pulled, kneaded, and bit his jaw Truck’s body hummed with pleasure. Poised and intent, he is wide open. You demanded Truck respect your sovereignty while basking in his openness to your ministrations.

It was clear, while the two of you were in my living room; you were also somewhere else private and intense. Truck paid homage to your power and beauty and the two of you left on a magic carpet ride of doggie-necking.

After you left Lily, Truck would insert his head in my lap asking “What happened, Mom?” His fur was damp. Layers of moisture permeated his double fur indigenous to a Labrador coat. Truck was gooey all the way down to his pink skin. Eyes glazed, he carried the thick humidity of your shared love. Dazed and damp he’d find a quiet spot and meditate on the wonder of doggie-necking.

We didn’t know these were Truck’s last weeks. But had I known Lily I could not have imagined a better way for him to feel loved, tended, transported into the intimacy you shared. Thank you, Lily. Thank you for filling Truck’s last weeks of life with wonder and joy.

Jennifer Morse, MS PhD is author of The Way of the Fairy Godmother and Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating. Both are available on Amazon Kindle. For more on Truck and Lily’s romance read Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

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Beauty as a guiding force for freedom and transcendence in midlife….

I’ve just completed our next book, Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating. It forced me to answer the questions torn from years of ‘coupledom’ how do we find our way to wholeness? It’s an insightful peak into the world of midlife dating often laced with humor.

In part the answer to our search for wholeness lies in the radical transformation within the primordial rigors underlying beauty.

Creating beauty has been the guiding force of my life in middle age. Beauty reflected in the whispered prayer of yoga barely discernable through the movement but deeply felt. Beauty reflected in the understanding underlying a conversation, a kindness freely given, cleaning up the house with intention and care; beauty as the motivating force in life has infinite expressions. Life is transformed from the ordinary to the sublime within the vehicle of creativity.

Let me clarify. I’m not talking about fairytale beauty, although fairytales and their beauty are close to my heart. I’m talking about authentic beauty grounded in the tasks of daily life. I’m talking about beauty filled with the raw and mystical, the kind of beauty that could uplift or crush us. It could be bold or infinitesimal. I’m talking about the crucible of creativity. Does beauty live in creativity or does creativity live in beauty?

In midlife we shoulder the awareness of creating tangible beauty and carry it forward with intentionality or we fall more deeply into the slumber of the material world disconnected from the beauty and creativity that brings meaning and wonder to our efforts.

Did you catch that? Intentional beauty born of the crucible of creativity will transform our lives bringing meaning and wonder to our efforts. Let the younger generation seek superficial beauty. As mid-lifers we take up our responsibilities to carry the deep and mysterious beauties, in conjunction with superficial beauty, forward discovering our alchemical nature in the process. Yes this shouldering of deep beauty ushers us into the unknown, the Great Mystery, the origin of alchemy, returning us to wholeness.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Transcendence in the Land of Midlife Dating

By Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

Why did I continue pursuing love? Love is the opportunity to begin again. Love holds the potential for the corrective experience. It is within the matrix of love we flourish. We have the opportunity to release the burdens of our past, to recommit to beauty, compassion and forgiveness. And maybe this time marriage will bring out our best. This time we won’t fail ourselves, our partner, our children and family. This time we won’t fail love.

The most moving and inspirational experience I had in midlife dating was watching Lily and Truck fall in love. Lily basked in Truck’s openness to her ministrations. He welcomed her tending. He allowed her sovereignty. While doggie necking they rolled across the living room amidst the clutter of Trucks toys Lily had spread throughout.

At the same time they were transported somewhere private and intense. They played in a place more beautiful than the travertine floor where they wrestled. Lily dominated Truck standing over him immersed in the folds of his neck, pulling and chewing. She took his lower jaw into her mouth and chewed. The room smelled of wet dog fur. Like dirty tennis shoes and corn chips.

Truck paid homage to Lily’s beauty by carrying the thick humidity of their love long after she left. Together they were relaxed and simultaneously poised and intent. In their concentration they met at the razors edge and danced on the rim bathed in awe never wavering in their attention and receptivity. Lost in play, lost in the communion of the beloved, they were transported together on the wild ride of Truck’s life.

What made it work? Together they stumbled though play and receptivity into the Great Mystery where they were drenched in chemistry and romance. Their sparks of attraction filled my home. Something delicious and tangible was in the atmosphere. Each afternoon their love grew cooking in moist fur and rambunctious play.

They taught me the beloved lives in the Great Mystery. The beloved flourishes in the ineffable transcendent garden of primordial and alchemical transformation, ignited in the fires of personal passion and chemistry. Play evolving into romance and enmeshed in flow, sparking with attraction. Truck and Lily lost themselves and found the beloved in one another.

Maybe this is the reason men in midlife want to have fun? Are they seeking the Great Mystery? Are they seeking the beloved through the revolving door of play? Through play will they arrive in a destination drenched in chemistry, alchemy and the elusive perfume of attraction?

What if I begin to look at men through the lens of this vulnerability and openness to fun and play? Can this become the circumference of our experience? Have I misinterpreted men’s desire for fun as superficial? Could fun be the revolving door to the Garden of Eden?

Jennifer Morse, MS PhD is the author of The Way of the Fairy Godmother. Combing the wisdom of fairytales with the tools of positive psychology The Way of the Fairy Godmother provides practical application within the easy to read narrative.
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Coming soon: Transcendence in the Land of Midlife Dating, is drawn from, the soon to be published book, Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating. Look for Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating on Amazon Kindle in August 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Making of a Healer…A Fable Retold

By Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

I’ve learned the hard way healing does not always mean the cessation or disappearance of symptoms. I’ve spent decades searching through holistic healing, studying the paths where the mind and body meet trying to unravel the pain in my body and the pains of the past. Some people heal into life and others heal into death. Patients follow treatments and reduce or cure their symptoms. Other patients follow the same treatments and remain ill. And yet they may be healed.

I was twenty plus years on my quest and in my forties when I realized maybe I wasn’t going to find the key to resolve my symptoms. Could I find a way to soften and buffer the erosive effects of chronic pain?

Is it through acts of compassion we heal ourselves and the world? Is compassion the missing element in a world that glorifies science? Let’s not forget the influence of the Sacred Mystery. A portion of life operates beyond our ability to comprehend its scope. It is known by many names: The Great Unknown, The Sacred Mystery.


Here is a story of a healer and how he came to dwell in The Great Mystery…..

Our healer began the study of healing as a child learning from his father the community shaman. Eventually he grew in his abilities and wanted to live beyond his father’s shadow. He wanted to push beyond the boundaries of what he knew and venture into the unknown. He left on a day when the clouds thundered and lightening split the sky. He left his home and friends. It was a heart break. The rain poured in straight lines. The storm masked the weeping of his mother and the roar of his father’s disappointment. Yet something was pushing him beyond his comforts, beyond the pleasures of the familiar.

He was hungry for healing. He had lived too long, invisible, within his father’s shadow. He was ashamed of his unspoken agreements to remain invisible. He allowed his loyalty to his father, his teachings, the family and even the greater community to subvert his personal strengths. Now he must reclaim himself.

He was hungry to define himself on his own terms. He longed to test his skills without looking over his shoulder for approval. He traveled until he was far beyond the reputation and influence of his father. He found a community looking for an apprentice to assist their healer. Within the forest of tall pine trees he studied the paths of mind, body and spirit. First traveling the geography of each dimension individually, next he studied their interactions and relationships. It seemed an eternity before he understood the effects of interventions on one level interwoven with all levels. Long story short when he attempted to heal the body it affected the mind and spirit.

And as much as he loved his teacher they had a falling out. On another stormy afternoon with the thunder at his back he moved on once again. Traveling into different lands he studied the ways of medicine. He hungered for both traditional medicine and esoteric or holistic medicine. He began his studies with the different bodies that live within the skin of one man.

The brain was one control center with its powers of observation. The heart’s wisdom held within its power the drumbeat of life. When the heart is filled with love it beats steady and strong. Even when weakened with illness the heart can sometimes transcend itself with love. We call this a peaceful death.

Our healer found the gut is the third control station of the body. It is lined with antennae. Each filament is designed to read truth. When he learned the truths of the gut he came to live within his personal power. But there is more….

He learned blood, the rivers of life, carried hormones and other messages throughout the body. The bones of each body form a structure. The muscles hold the bones in place. To support this knowledge our healer learned massage and adjusting the body so the components, the power stations of the body, could work together in alignment and harmony.

To give the body strength he studied healing with herbs. Discovering energy fields resonating beyond the skin’s surface, he learned the healing properties of gems and minerals. And eventually as a healer he was able to hold a patient’s hand and listen to the pulse of health and perceive the shadows of illness.

Using himself as the laboratory he practiced the tools of health and vitality. He found engaging personal strengths, in conjunction with purpose for a greater good, created vitality. To tone his body he walked in the hills and the ripple of wind flowing over his skin called him into attunement with the forest. He practiced yoga until the movement became a prayer. Engaging strengths, at one with the forest, in prayer with yoga made him happy.

One day a yoga teacher said, “The purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for meditation.” He turned his attention to meditation. There were breathing meditations, sitting in stillness, guided imagery. He tried them all. He cultivated an openness to hear the quiet stillness within. Beginning with intentional rest he learned the pathways of meditation. He traveled the dimensions of dreaming. He magnetized the powers of healing.

When his teacher retired he decided to move on. He did not want the responsibility of becoming a community healer. His next teacher initiated him, by blowing power through the top of his head, into the hands of healing. A channel of cosmic light opened. This fueled the health passing through his hands freely. Wellness was transmitted to the patient he touched.

This time when it was time to leave he was able to make his goodbyes with thanks. He left gifts. He told his teachers how they changed his life. He left with a light heart on a sunny day. He traveled to the city where he studied a long time and learned to heal with his words. This required he first listen with his full presence. Sometimes just listening with care was enough. He became attuned when to speak and when to listen. It was if his studies in meditation had changed his ability to hear with the mind, the heart and the gut. They fueled his words and contained his silence.

He moved to a monastery along the cliffs of the sea, where through prayer he cast out illness and encouraged health. They taught with prayer to release his agreements, his ties, to negativity. Continuing in prayer he petitioned Infinite Intelligence to fill the void. His greatest prayer was to be at one with the Divine. The Sacred in the silence began to fill him. This was a new kind of prayer. It revolutionized his perceptions.

At the monastery he learned to set bones and sew up cuts. He learned the secrets of nutrition as medicine. Fish oil in conjunction with primrose oil reduced the body’s inflammation. Magnesium malate calmed and soothed muscles. Potassium rich diets increased heart health. Dandelion root is a blood cleanser. Cinnamon reduces and stabilizes the blood sugar. The list grew longer and longer.

Eventually he combined all he knew of healing methodologies into complex treatment regimes. It would be easy to say he had integrated the diverse modalities and had been transformed. But it was more than a transformation. He no longer practiced the elements of healing. Through cohesion the dimensions of healing were ingrained on his DNA. The essence of his cellular replication was imprinted with the essence of healing. He was at one with healing. Healing was at one with him. He had undergone a radical transmutation within the essence of life.

Hopelessly ill patients were waiting at his door each morning. He became well known and successful. People crowded together waiting for an appointment. Day after day he treated patients. He worked long into evenings. Absorbed in the needs of others he had little life beyond illness.

Toxicity began to crowd out his health and vitality. Even when he wanted to stop and walk in the forest his gift insisted on its expressions. He could not turn away from the need. He gave of himself until there was no more to give and then he left to become a wandering healer. Life pulled him. He surrendered into life and was reborn.

When there was no where else to go, when he embodied the art and science of healing in its totality, he surrendered again and no longer called himself a healer. He simply traveled the world.

Eventually he returned to his village arriving on a cold winter’s day. The trees had lost their leaves. The branches stood stark against a grey sky. The mountains in the distance were covered in snow. A hawk flew around him in a full circle. The forest rushed a greeting to him on the rustle of evergreen trees. Walking at the center of his knowledge long ago translated into wisdom; warm within the glow of self illumination, as he walked past the Cherry tree, the flowers blossom.

Author’s note: When I hear this story I understand the healer transcended the methodology of healing. He was dwelling within the Great Mystery. His presence was Grace itself. Is Grace the dimension of life that transcends healing and is born of the Great Mystery?

Jennifer Morse is the author of a motivational book: The Way of the Fairy Godmother. A fictional book: Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating. Together with her husband, William Mortimer, they co-authored the young adult book: Redemption’s Warrior.

A short story: Awaiting the Fairy Godmother is awaiting publication this fall. Also coming soon is a full length book: The Fairy Godmother’s of the Four Directions.

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