Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Letter to Lily

Written by Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

My beauty, centered in your glamour you are fierce. You throw Truck to the floor and chew on his neck. But your beauty is never more potent than when you are dancing and spinning, leaping across the parking lot or courtyard grass. Reveling in your grace and complete ownership of your personal authority; Lily, you are a blessing.

Other dogs out for a walk or jog around the neighborhood approach the task one foot in front of the other. When you run Lily it is full of leaps and turns floating effortlessly high above our heads.

All sentient beings stop and watch your glorious progress. Even the blades of grass struggling to stay green in desert’s heat, pause and are refreshed by your dance.

When you visit, Truck shows off all the joys of home; rice cakes, cookies in a Kong, toys, and rawhide. First visits you play within a wide swath of toys you have discovered and a potent strength and sweetness is building between you.

You began to maneuver your head under Truck’s neck to pull on his fur and settle in the privacy his folds. Your play spanning rambunctious and quiet, the focused attention you and Truck engaged…Lily, I think it’s known as in my world as chemistry.

Delight filled my house. The underpinning receptivity: Lily did you and Truck stumbled through receptivity and play, into the Great Mystery?

You arrived in romance, enmeshed in chemistry. Encompassing a dimension of Sacred Oneness, the realm where the other, is the beloved. Lily, you and Truck, teach me the power of receptivity and play.

If our beloved lives in the Great Mystery is fun the key that opens the door to this enchanted realm? Watching you and Truck tumble into the ineffable transcendent garden of primordial and alchemical transformation I understood how the fires of personal passion and chemistry ignite.

For each of us alchemy is as individual and unique as the snowflake. So potent, even in this age of technology, no one has been able to manufacture the alchemy of attraction.

Lily! You and Truck have chemistry: The indescribable elusive perfume of attraction.

When you grab Truck’s neck fur and pull, shaking your head, only to grab another mouth full of fur and begin again. I never feared you were hurting Truck. It was your one-pointed focus. You were completely relaxed yet poised and intent. In your concentration, the two of you, bathed in awe, you met at the razor’s edge and danced across the blade never wavering in your attention or receptivity.

You took Truck with you on a wonderful ride of play, lost in the world of communion with the beloved. When you took his jaw in your mouth and kneaded his jaw, chewing and chewing, you took hold of his awareness transporting him on the wild ride.

You threw Truck to the floor. He landed on his back. His four legs standing in the air began to sway with the rhythm of your pulling. The folds of fur crowding up his neck, his stomach; the soft belly, and his neck exposed. While you pulled, kneaded, and bit his jaw Truck’s body hummed with pleasure. Poised and intent, he is wide open. You demanded Truck respect your sovereignty while basking in his openness to your ministrations.

It was clear, while the two of you were in my living room; you were also somewhere else private and intense. Truck paid homage to your power and beauty and the two of you left on a magic carpet ride of doggie-necking.

After you left Lily, Truck would insert his head in my lap asking “What happened, Mom?” His fur was damp. Layers of moisture permeated his double fur indigenous to a Labrador coat. Truck was gooey all the way down to his pink skin. Eyes glazed, he carried the thick humidity of your shared love. Dazed and damp he’d find a quiet spot and meditate on the wonder of doggie-necking.

We didn’t know these were Truck’s last weeks. But had I known Lily I could not have imagined a better way for him to feel loved, tended, transported into the intimacy you shared. Thank you, Lily. Thank you for filling Truck’s last weeks of life with wonder and joy.

Jennifer Morse, MS PhD is author of The Way of the Fairy Godmother and Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating. Both are available on Amazon Kindle. For more on Truck and Lily’s romance read Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating.

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