Sunday, July 26, 2015

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The Truth about Gender Equity

Written by Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

Recently, I read an article describing a term for the atrocity, the crimes against society, perpetrated by the feminist movement. The term is gender equity. Gender equity calls for woman to be financially earning and producing equally in relationships with males. What gender equity does not take into account is the multiplicity of currencies in relationship and gender differences.

Gender difference refers to strengths between the sexes along a continuum that is gender ordained not gender neutral. It’s a broad brush stroke that has exceptions but to ignore gender differences is to strip them of their powers for good.

The implication of gender differences leads us to understand there are differences across the sexes; inherent strengths to be utilized for the betterment of the whole relationship. Gender equity would have us ignore those differences.

Surely the woman’s liberation movement wasn’t originally designed to disenfranchise women from their children. In the process we left an entire generation of children untended and un-tethered from the stability of a nuclear family.

And let’s not forget the ‘woosifying’ of men that gender equity demands. But that’s a story for another day.

Today the politically correct term gender equity shames women in general saying “take up your financial responsibilities in a relationship.” What if a woman’s native talents are to nurture? What if a man’s native talents lend themselves toward outer layers of life, making it easier to find work in the world? What if gender equity doesn’t exist?

A liberated woman can work harder than men and still make less money. This is gender equity? Woman can try and fulfill the role of mother to children in the evening hours at home only to feel harried and scattered torn between two demanding realities. Is there anything more heartbreaking then separating a woman from her baby six weeks after birth, before her cervix is completely closed from child birth, to return to work and pay another to tend her newborn? All those precious moments to bond with her new born stripped away in the name of gender equity? What kind of gender equity supports this inhumanity?

Let’s tell the truth. Women still do the majority of housekeeping. Women still are the primary parent. If we have any more gender equity I don’t know how women and children will survive.

Another truth, men still make the lion’s share of money in the work force with higher paying jobs and higher status jobs. Is that gender equity? Somehow I think something was lost in the translation of the feminist movement.
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