Sunday, January 31, 2016

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Thousands have joined Cinderella as she reclaims her birth name Charlotte and travels the Four Directions to save a Kingdom.

Thank you! And thanks for your feedback. Teen readers call it the perfect fairy tale for teens. Adults call it a fairy tale for adults with  self help gems sprinkled throughout.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

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How think its for kids
I'm 12 years old and this book is one of my favorite books! I'm not going to tell my favorite part because then I would spoil the book for you. I highly suggest this book to any one who loves fantasy with a mixture of Disney mash ups. I would love for you to go read this book and trust me when i say its worth it! =)

                                                  Adults say its for adults
                                                              5 STARS
   It’s a motivational and inspirational book which revolves around the story of Cinderella as we all will find it easy to relate, and it delivers a message through it. Here we learn everything what the Fairy Godmother has in store for us for a life full of happiness. It involves Fairy Godmother of four directions, East, West, North and South. Though related to Cinderella this book is not for kids, but a therapeutic book for adults as the author herself is a therapist. Dr Morse' writing is easy to read as everything is explained in a lucid fashion

Thursday, January 21, 2016

                   COUNTDOWN TO DEBUT JANUARY 24, 25 & 26

I placed Fairy Godmothers of The Four directions on Amazon Kindle early to gain some reviews, have Amazon assign the ever so important AISN number and to test various genres. BIG THANKS to the early reviews...looking good! And the readership is broader than I had expected. Middle Grade, Teen, Young Adult, Women and some men.
Being a Self Published author takes some creativity and imagination getting the word out. The large publishing houses do an early Amazon exposure then hit the marketing for all they have a few weeks later. Our big HELLO to the reading world starts this weekend...Sunday.
Also from the desk of Jennifer Morse
2015 Writers Digest 1st Place Self Published eBooks Inspirational
The Way of The Fairy Godmother

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another wonderful review. I wrote this contemporary fairy tale for middle graders, teens and the young at heart. Looks like I have a new audience...women in general.

"Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella after happily ever after? Surely she had some serious PTSD after the trauma of her past, right? Well, yeah. So how do you heal from a history of child abuse so that you can be an effective Queen? You ask the Fairy Godmothers of the Four Directions to help you heal.

As a social worker I loved the use of the Cinderella story to illustrate healing from trauma as serious as death and child abuse. The writing was filled with healing imagery and illustrated the journey to wholeness that Cinderella had to take in order to step into her role as princess. I think that everyone can take pieces of this story and apply it to your own journey - we all have parts of our past that we have to work through, even if they arent as serious as those Cinderella had to overcome. I found myself contemplating different aspects of my personality and how I related to those around me as I read, and I endorse any book that encourages self introspection through immersion in a story. I think women in particular should read this and take the bits and pieces that can serve them well to incorporate into their own journey to wholeness."

We priced this book at 99 cents for the middle grade/teen/young adult market on limited budgets. Amazon gives authors a few "FREE" days for promotions. We have chosen this January 24, 25 an 26 for free days. A reminder will be sent out to fantasy and fairy tale fans. (looks like many readers are moms and dads....thank you)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

From the desk of Writers Digest award winning author Jennifer Morse.  Just released on Amazon Kindle........

                                   Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions

                                                                       Book review 5 Stars

Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite
Everyone knows that Cinderella had a fairy godmother, but you probably didn’t know there is more than just one? Jennifer Morse loosely uses the story of Cinderella to detail a path to a more enlightened life free from psychological baggage in Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions. In this tale..., Cinderella is saved from her wicked stepmother by the Prince and is set to become his wife. Before that can happen, though, she has to be able to move past the tragedy of her parents’ death and her treatment at the hands of the stepmother. The only way to proceed is to study under the Fairy Godmothers of the Four Directions.
Stage by stage, Cinderella is confronted by physical challenges and heart wrenching sadness as she learns about the gifts represented by each compass point. Putting aside her hurt and longing for the Prince, Cinderella learns how to combine trust and innocence, dreams and imagination, strength and wisdom, and new beginnings to find a wholeness in her body-mind-spirit. Cinderella is forced to find her own inner strength through encounters with strange and wonderful beings, as well as the threat of annihilation by the Chimera, a representation of the absence of anything good. Only then will she be strong enough to become the Prince’s wife and future Queen of the Kingdom.
Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions by Jennifer Morse is an amazing journey of discovery for the fairy tale character Cinderella that teaches each of us the potential to be in tune and truly aware. It is a deep, moving story in its own right but is so much more if you choose to read deeper between the lines
Jennifer is currently working on Fairy Godmothers of The Four Elements.