Saturday, January 23, 2016

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How think its for kids
I'm 12 years old and this book is one of my favorite books! I'm not going to tell my favorite part because then I would spoil the book for you. I highly suggest this book to any one who loves fantasy with a mixture of Disney mash ups. I would love for you to go read this book and trust me when i say its worth it! =)

                                                  Adults say its for adults
                                                              5 STARS
   It’s a motivational and inspirational book which revolves around the story of Cinderella as we all will find it easy to relate, and it delivers a message through it. Here we learn everything what the Fairy Godmother has in store for us for a life full of happiness. It involves Fairy Godmother of four directions, East, West, North and South. Though related to Cinderella this book is not for kids, but a therapeutic book for adults as the author herself is a therapist. Dr Morse' writing is easy to read as everything is explained in a lucid fashion

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  1. I am looking forward to reading this! I just got my copy. Thanks for the wonderful deal. :)