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          My Tips For Living With a Writer

Sunday is our blog day. So far Jennifer has done the lion's share in this department. I did last weeks and...looks like again today.

"Why don't you write about what it is like living with a writer?"
"OK, I can do that."
"Be authentic...write from authenticy, not what you think they want to hear."
"Got it."

I use to consider myself an author. Haven't I published? Now that I live with one, and a great one at that, I now know that I was/am a journalist and a story teller. Humbly in my opinion...a big difference.

1. Be aware that writers can multi task...on their own terms. They can be in the middle of a tough dialogue and suddenly look up to gaze at something innocuous on TV then back to their task.  This does not mean I can break into a spontaneous diatribe on todays gold futures or who is on TV tonight.

2. Understand that writing is both a work of love and primal work in itself. I've noted that it takes its toll from her both mentally and physically.

3. Be available to Google spelling and confirm definitions. And don't dally.

4. Make an effort to be on the same page literally and figuratively. In my case my imagination and male point of view. Jennifer considers it co-authoring of sorts. I consider it due diligence.  My job in this partnership is to help take the story into the world of readers . Therefor I must be vested in the work. Be all in.

5. Be ready to re-supply water, tea, and be alert to the needs of our Goldendoodle Aidan.

6. I have learned a lot about self and the authentic from Jennifer. Not only in her prose, poetry,  her stories, but in our daily life. Living with a writer is more than being under the same roof.  

7. Are writers always cool cucumbers? No. Are they loveable? YES

8. Find an escape. We don't have an escape hatch (that I know of) or man cave. I do have a car and don't mind errands.

9. Not only compliment the writer from your heart, offer gentle honest opinion. Then at the end of the day, when no one is watching, reach way around your back and pat yourself.

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Hey bloggers this is Bill, Jennifer's husband and co-author of Redemption's Warrior. I also wear the Director of Marketing hat.

With 10,000 visitors to this new blog site...we are honored. Jennifer offers insight for the reader in addition to our subtle  BUY OUR BOOKS  pitch. Have you bought our books?

Jennifer brings to her writing and blogging decades of study and hands on application in the fields of mysticism, Eastern  Philosophy and Native American shamanism, traditional family and chemical dependency therapy, and Positive Psychology.

I  come from the world of iron. Iron in the form of big rig truck sales where for 44 years I was top man in my company. A big fish in a small pond. And, iron in the form of weightlifting. I was a  name in the national seniors bodybuilding world. Rewarding to me but in a sport less known than Frisbee golf.  I was fortunate to have penned dozens of articles in several international weightlifting/bodybuilding magazines. Not quite prose but it did give me a thirst for writing.

Now retired from sales and the gym, leaving the paternalistic macho world behind me, I am now on a quest to learn "who is Bill?" What luck! I have Jennifer in my life. I learn from both her words, spoken and written, and her deeds. It is a quest for truth.

I am currently reading Owning Your Own Shadow....Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche, by Robert A. Johnson. A Harper One imprint. Johnson is a world-renowned Jungian analyst, lecturer, and author. The work explores our need to own our shadow...a term Carl Jung used to mine the dark unlite part of the underbelly of our ego.

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                                        SAMPLE CHAPTER

                               Letters From The Land of Midlife Dating

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Chapter Nine

To Dye or not Dye

Hey Annie,

Last night I went on a date. In his profile the man said he is a well know figure and therefore did not put his photo on the web site. I won’t go into a description but I will say not having a profile picture covered a multitude of sins.

However as the evening wore on I found myself enjoying his company. He was smart. He clearly enjoyed a good conversation. I liked him. At the end of the evening I asked him what he thought of our date. He told me he didn’t think we’d be sexually compatible.

How had we’d gone from a first date to our nonexistent sexual relationship? I didn’t want to be rude so I asked him what gave him this impression. He told me, “You are a woman of quality and very pretty. But…..”

What on earth could be behind this but? In front of me sat a man in his mid-sixties. Overweight. He had a receding hair line. And I’m being generous in that description. His voice held the booming quality of a man who enjoyed life, liquor and food. Shouldn’t I be the one worried here about how his body would or would not be sexually attractive to me? Coming out of the shower naked I’d win every time.

Does he want a trophy on his arm? Are we back to the conversation of dyed versus natural hair? From his perspective natural hair could get in the way of social expectations. Should I offer to wear a wig? Joke!

He said, “I’d like you to wear make-up and dye your hair.”

Holy cow! Really? Here we go again. Make-up and dyed hair is sexy? I grabbed a handful of my shiny, curly, silver-streaked hair. I leaned over and handed him my hair. “Feel this!” I ordered. “Does dyed hair feel like this?”

No.” He rubbed his fingers through my hair. “This feels great. Dyed hair doesn’t feel like this.” He gave me a quirky smile. ‘You got me on this one.”

I pulled on my hair. He held on. I tugged again. He continued to rub his thumb across the strands of my hair with a look of surprise and wonder on his face. I had to forcefully tug my hair out of his hands. He gave an embarrassed laugh like I’d caught him enjoying something forbidden. He said, “I’d still like to see you in lipstick and mascara.”

A deal breaker: lipstick and mascara. Honestly it seems a small concession. I wear colored lip gloss. But the truth is what drove me crazy about mascara is trying to take it off. I woke up with raccoon eyes and pieces of mascara floating inside my eyelids. Baby oil or Vaseline are the only products that did a half-way decent job of taking off mascara. But the substances create their own problems. And I mean half-way in the literal sense. It left flakes under, around and in my oily or jellied, eyes. Oily streaks on the pillow transferred into my hair. And my eyes were bright red with the irritation of floating debris. A mess.

So here I was wearing a body hugging red cashmere dress over a ‘slim and athletic’ body that has practiced daily yoga for over ten years. It is dawning on me that on dating sites, men are willing to say, ‘no fakes lips please,’ or ‘stay away from my money’ and only date me if you are ‘slim and athletic,’ these men have forgotten to clarify another requirement. “All women who apply for a date should dye their hair and wear make up.”

This man can only see I’m not wearing lipstick and dyeing my hair. I would not measure up in his eyes in public or at events we attended. He might even be embarrassed taking me places. It would be a bone of contention between us forever. Eventually he’d coerce me into dyeing my hair. I would not recognize the woman in the mirror and I would hate him.

Remember the dentist? He shivered with fear about getting older. Sometimes when he looked at my hair he winced. It’s enough to wake a woman’s sleeping dragon.

To me, women who dye their hair, too often the colors look garish. Their hair color fights with their skin tone. Lines pop out on their face. It looks harsh.

At yoga there was a woman over six feet tall. Italian ancestry her dark hair was dyed blond worn long and curly. Even her eyebrows were dyed. She looked like a real life giant Barbie doll. What is it with these women imitating Barbie? Her breasts were so big I could not conceive God could grow them that large. On the other hand I couldn’t believe a woman would choose breasts of this magnitude. The whole look was so overblown she reminded me of a female impersonator.

Yet I have watched men chase her across parking lots to ask her for a date. As I stood next to her one man said, “Do you have any friends that look like you?”

One evening at yoga she walked down the hallway and a man asked her, “Are they real?”

She became enraged. Storming up to the front desk she demanded the man be banned from the studio for insulting her.

This is how far away I am from breast augmentation. I’m happy when my breasts shrink a little. It means I’m on target with a ‘slim and athletic’ figure. A boyfriend once said to me, “You are the only woman I’ve ever known who is happy about smaller breasts.”

Okay…back to my date. Hair dye and mascara are deal breakers for each of us. They will predict a sexual relationship…I have no words…We parted after dinner knowing we’d never see each other again. I liked him. But I will wait for the right relationship because I know my body (health) and spirit cannot take another stress filled lifestyle. It is within the crucible of a genuine love, a love functioning well on a variety of continuum, that I have the best chance of survival.

As I said before, based on men’s dating requirements, the only thing I have going for me is the visual; slim and athletic. I can’t tell you how many times men have sighed with relief at first meetings. They say, “You look just like your picture.”

Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Well, the answer is yes and no.

Your drab sister, who will not dye her hair,

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                                         WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING

Arizona author Jennifer Morse, M.S., PhD, trained as a marriage and family therapist, has spent her life studying mysticism, striving for balance between conventional life and the mystical. She first published a Young Adult novel REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR. THE WAY OF THE FAIRY GODMOTHER was her second venture in publishing but it would not be at all surprising to expect future books - this sensitive person knows how to write! For all the self-help books available today few have taken on the stance that Jennifer has. Now she adds another level of assistance to her readers with LETTERS FROM THE LAND OF MIDLIFE DATING.

Making no bones about the topic, Jennifer opens her books with The Geography of Midlife Dating: ‘The geography of midlife dating is stranded between the misty realms of I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-with-the-rest-of-my-life and the post-traumatic stress of divorce. Unfathomable depths of resentment, accusations and trickery can precede the gateway to midlife dating. Men and women arrive torn out of a life designed for a couple, with or without children, and find themselves in the emptiness of a future unmade. Within the dream of marriage no one is prepared for midlife dating. For woman, midlife is a confluence of change. When I say change I’m referring in part to “the change.” A hormonal swing signaling infertility, historically terrifying to both men and women, but for different reasons. As a teenager, enmeshed in the world of TV, I watched interviews in the talk show format. (My interest was a forecasting of my undergraduate degree in Sociology.) The taboo topic for the day was menopause. “The change” previously only whispered about, was a daring subject for the times. The host asked the group, “What has changed in your life post-menopause?”
…In the days before our separation he slept with a flashlight gripped in his hands. Menopause turns docile women into fierce combatants. Imagine being thrown into the pool of midlife dating a fierce menopausal warrior, an empty nester, and unskilled worker having spent the last fifteen years raising children. Thrown into a world we are unprepared to deal with, midlife women seek sanctuary….Men dating in midlife want fresh looking women. Same age women in the dating pool look tired, haggard and old. Men have said to me, “women my own age seem bitter.” Midlife men seek a softer, less jaded partner. They’ve have survived the trauma of divorce. They have survived the wrenching pain of sharing assets. They are tired from the strain of realizing their ambitions in the work world. They want fun.’

You can easily see how Jennifer is taking an untrodden road to this subject. Some of her chapter headings include I am not a Hippie!, Midlife Hair Removal: MRSA and Duck Tape, The Mathematics of Beauty, I am not a Booty Call, More Self-Sufficiency will kill me, Trapped on the Dating Treadmill, To Dye or not Dye, Living with the Homeless and Drug Dealers, - all in the format of letters.

Said once, saying again: though not a phrase used often, I love this book - it strikes an inner chord, makes me embrace Jennifer's wise and brilliantly warm writing, and produces the urge to share this fine book with every caring one. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, August 6, 2015

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A time to say THANK YOU to my blogger followers, reviewers and readers. I am honored to have had Redemption's Warrior as a Finalist and Honorable Mention at this years Hollywood Book Festival.


And we just received notice from The Independent Authors Network that The Way of The Fairy Godmother is a Finalist in their annual writers announced August 17th.