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                                         WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING

Arizona author Jennifer Morse, M.S., PhD, trained as a marriage and family therapist, has spent her life studying mysticism, striving for balance between conventional life and the mystical. She first published a Young Adult novel REDEMPTION'S WARRIOR. THE WAY OF THE FAIRY GODMOTHER was her second venture in publishing but it would not be at all surprising to expect future books - this sensitive person knows how to write! For all the self-help books available today few have taken on the stance that Jennifer has. Now she adds another level of assistance to her readers with LETTERS FROM THE LAND OF MIDLIFE DATING.

Making no bones about the topic, Jennifer opens her books with The Geography of Midlife Dating: ‘The geography of midlife dating is stranded between the misty realms of I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing-with-the-rest-of-my-life and the post-traumatic stress of divorce. Unfathomable depths of resentment, accusations and trickery can precede the gateway to midlife dating. Men and women arrive torn out of a life designed for a couple, with or without children, and find themselves in the emptiness of a future unmade. Within the dream of marriage no one is prepared for midlife dating. For woman, midlife is a confluence of change. When I say change I’m referring in part to “the change.” A hormonal swing signaling infertility, historically terrifying to both men and women, but for different reasons. As a teenager, enmeshed in the world of TV, I watched interviews in the talk show format. (My interest was a forecasting of my undergraduate degree in Sociology.) The taboo topic for the day was menopause. “The change” previously only whispered about, was a daring subject for the times. The host asked the group, “What has changed in your life post-menopause?”
…In the days before our separation he slept with a flashlight gripped in his hands. Menopause turns docile women into fierce combatants. Imagine being thrown into the pool of midlife dating a fierce menopausal warrior, an empty nester, and unskilled worker having spent the last fifteen years raising children. Thrown into a world we are unprepared to deal with, midlife women seek sanctuary….Men dating in midlife want fresh looking women. Same age women in the dating pool look tired, haggard and old. Men have said to me, “women my own age seem bitter.” Midlife men seek a softer, less jaded partner. They’ve have survived the trauma of divorce. They have survived the wrenching pain of sharing assets. They are tired from the strain of realizing their ambitions in the work world. They want fun.’

You can easily see how Jennifer is taking an untrodden road to this subject. Some of her chapter headings include I am not a Hippie!, Midlife Hair Removal: MRSA and Duck Tape, The Mathematics of Beauty, I am not a Booty Call, More Self-Sufficiency will kill me, Trapped on the Dating Treadmill, To Dye or not Dye, Living with the Homeless and Drug Dealers, - all in the format of letters.

Said once, saying again: though not a phrase used often, I love this book - it strikes an inner chord, makes me embrace Jennifer's wise and brilliantly warm writing, and produces the urge to share this fine book with every caring one. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, August 6, 2015

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