Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hey bloggers this is Bill, Jennifer's husband and co-author of Redemption's Warrior. I also wear the Director of Marketing hat.

With 10,000 visitors to this new blog site...we are honored. Jennifer offers insight for the reader in addition to our subtle  BUY OUR BOOKS  pitch. Have you bought our books?

Jennifer brings to her writing and blogging decades of study and hands on application in the fields of mysticism, Eastern  Philosophy and Native American shamanism, traditional family and chemical dependency therapy, and Positive Psychology.

I  come from the world of iron. Iron in the form of big rig truck sales where for 44 years I was top man in my company. A big fish in a small pond. And, iron in the form of weightlifting. I was a  name in the national seniors bodybuilding world. Rewarding to me but in a sport less known than Frisbee golf.  I was fortunate to have penned dozens of articles in several international weightlifting/bodybuilding magazines. Not quite prose but it did give me a thirst for writing.

Now retired from sales and the gym, leaving the paternalistic macho world behind me, I am now on a quest to learn "who is Bill?" What luck! I have Jennifer in my life. I learn from both her words, spoken and written, and her deeds. It is a quest for truth.

I am currently reading Owning Your Own Shadow....Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche, by Robert A. Johnson. A Harper One imprint. Johnson is a world-renowned Jungian analyst, lecturer, and author. The work explores our need to own our shadow...a term Carl Jung used to mine the dark unlite part of the underbelly of our ego.

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