Saturday, August 29, 2015

          My Tips For Living With a Writer

Sunday is our blog day. So far Jennifer has done the lion's share in this department. I did last weeks and...looks like again today.

"Why don't you write about what it is like living with a writer?"
"OK, I can do that."
"Be authentic...write from authenticy, not what you think they want to hear."
"Got it."

I use to consider myself an author. Haven't I published? Now that I live with one, and a great one at that, I now know that I was/am a journalist and a story teller. Humbly in my opinion...a big difference.

1. Be aware that writers can multi task...on their own terms. They can be in the middle of a tough dialogue and suddenly look up to gaze at something innocuous on TV then back to their task.  This does not mean I can break into a spontaneous diatribe on todays gold futures or who is on TV tonight.

2. Understand that writing is both a work of love and primal work in itself. I've noted that it takes its toll from her both mentally and physically.

3. Be available to Google spelling and confirm definitions. And don't dally.

4. Make an effort to be on the same page literally and figuratively. In my case my imagination and male point of view. Jennifer considers it co-authoring of sorts. I consider it due diligence.  My job in this partnership is to help take the story into the world of readers . Therefor I must be vested in the work. Be all in.

5. Be ready to re-supply water, tea, and be alert to the needs of our Goldendoodle Aidan.

6. I have learned a lot about self and the authentic from Jennifer. Not only in her prose, poetry,  her stories, but in our daily life. Living with a writer is more than being under the same roof.  

7. Are writers always cool cucumbers? No. Are they loveable? YES

8. Find an escape. We don't have an escape hatch (that I know of) or man cave. I do have a car and don't mind errands.

9. Not only compliment the writer from your heart, offer gentle honest opinion. Then at the end of the day, when no one is watching, reach way around your back and pat yourself.

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