Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another wonderful review. I wrote this contemporary fairy tale for middle graders, teens and the young at heart. Looks like I have a new audience...women in general.

"Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella after happily ever after? Surely she had some serious PTSD after the trauma of her past, right? Well, yeah. So how do you heal from a history of child abuse so that you can be an effective Queen? You ask the Fairy Godmothers of the Four Directions to help you heal.

As a social worker I loved the use of the Cinderella story to illustrate healing from trauma as serious as death and child abuse. The writing was filled with healing imagery and illustrated the journey to wholeness that Cinderella had to take in order to step into her role as princess. I think that everyone can take pieces of this story and apply it to your own journey - we all have parts of our past that we have to work through, even if they arent as serious as those Cinderella had to overcome. I found myself contemplating different aspects of my personality and how I related to those around me as I read, and I endorse any book that encourages self introspection through immersion in a story. I think women in particular should read this and take the bits and pieces that can serve them well to incorporate into their own journey to wholeness."

We priced this book at 99 cents for the middle grade/teen/young adult market on limited budgets. Amazon gives authors a few "FREE" days for promotions. We have chosen this January 24, 25 an 26 for free days. A reminder will be sent out to fantasy and fairy tale fans. (looks like many readers are moms and dads....thank you)

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