Sunday, March 27, 2016

From the Midwest Book Reviews April Issue

"A powerful examination of vulnerability and change that takes the trappings of a well-worn fairytale and injects it with new life. Readers of psychology, fantasy retellings, and self-help books will find Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions a satisfyingly different approach that succeeds in packing much food for thought into what initially appears to be a simple retelling."

2nd Edition
Thank  you loyal readers for your valuable input to the 2nd Edition. We owe you the cleanest editing available. Self publishing is a bold adventure for the writer as well as the reader. This project has been so much fun and quite a learning experience. Blending an old Fairy Tale with a retelling that expands the Cinderella epic into life lessons, new horizons and mysticism. Along the way Cinderella reclaims her birth name Charlotte and seeks to save her Kingdom and her Prince. Each Fairy Godmother she meets lays out her path to eventually become Queen. She is being tracked by an evil Chimera.
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