Monday, January 19, 2015

Redemptions Warrior

Redemptions Warrior: A young adult novel is fantasy fiction, blending mystical with mundane realities.
Do you believe in beneficence? Can you fathom a goodness requiring you to make acts of power and truth? Acts resonating into the world on waves on intention; where the impossible intersects with freedom.
Redemptions warrior is the story of Christopher Marcos accused of running drugs, incarcerated on Islas Tres Marias, an island prison sixty miles southwest of Mazatlan.
Not soon enough Juanita will be off her father’s boat and back in the little room off the kitchen in the home of La Currendea. The healer teaches Juanita, “your belly is filled with miles of sensors. To live an authentic life you must unite your mind and hearth with your belly.” Together Juanita and Christopher will fight for his freedom and a life together.
Redemptions Warrior. The hero’s journey; a quest for freedom. Would you bet your life on beneficence? 

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