Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Tools of the Fairy Godmother: The Fairy Godmother Preps Cinderella for her First Date

Before the crash of 2008 I was developing a business making products designed to shift our attention away from stress and toward beauty. Some products were pieces of art or Crystal Candle Gardens, a centerpiece for the dining room table or home accessory. Another invention is The Sayings of the Fairy Godmother. These slips of parchment pulled at random contain the Fairy Godmother’s wisdom.

How do you know you’ve gotten the right piece of wisdom? The theory underpinning the process is “there are no accidents.” Life continually communicates with us. Everything crossing our path is meaningful including the randomization of drawing a specific Saying of the Fairy Godmother. My girlfriend had a smile when her daughter complained she repeatedly pulled the same card.

One day my yoga the teacher arrived late. His face was flushed and he glared at me. “What’s up?” I asked.

He said, “I got into an argument in the parking lot. Then I drew one of those Fairy Godmother cards. It said, “Forgive one small, medium or large transgression...”

He laughed and I joined him.

Shifting our attention away from stress and toward beauty we are building an energetic muscle. It is the first lesson the Fairy Godmother taught Cinderella prepping for her first date. In our central nervous system focusing on beauty creates a cascade of neuromuscular events.

Actually everything we think and feel has a corresponding neuromuscular and bio-chemical response. Layer upon layer, upon layer of biochemical entrainment is the foundation of our ingrained attitudes and by rote behaviors. It turns out when we were pouting little kids and our parents would tell us, “You better be careful your face might freeze like that,” they were right.

Getting Cinderella ready for her first dance, first date conversation, first kiss; the Fairy Godmother doesn’t talk about Cinderella’s terrible home life living with a wicked stepmother and two silly and somewhat mean spirited stepsisters.

The Fairy Godmother talks with Cinderella about her Deepest Desires. Hidden away behind the obstacles real and imagined, the reasons why for her a first date is not possible, lives Cinderella’s Deepest Desire, a first date with the Prince. So the Fairy Godmother talks with Cinderella about her first date.

Why is this helpful or important? It turns out imagining positivity creates more positivity. Visualizing positivity prepares us for success. Imagining our future success entrains our central nervous system. Our central nervous system responds bio-chemically with a cascade of neurological events to fantasy and reality.

The Fairy Godmother teaches Cinderella the seeds to her happiness are buried in her Deepest Desires. Imagining and dreaming her Deepest Desires is the first step toward creating them tangibly in real time. Focusing on what we want is preparation for achieving our goals and dreams in physical reality. It’s science!

The heart of the fairytale is the Fairy Godmother prepping Cinderella via her aspirations and Deepest Desires for her First Date.

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