Friday, May 1, 2015

Sedona Arizona April 2015
Today I sent the second draft of The Way of the Fairy Godmother back to the formatter. The first version published had errors. (Does this mean I shouldn’t use my husband as my copy editor in the future? My second version may have errors as well, but not as many!)

It’s a mystery but The Way of the Fairy Godmother has not let go of me yet. I have new insights, expansions of ideas already in play, more of the Fairy Godmother’s poetry, facts that have never occurred to me before. Here is an example of a truth that came to me today about Cinderella.

The Fairy Godmother is drawn to Cinderella’s passion for extending love, for creating beauty. Undeterred by criticisms raining down upon her Cinderella brings a loving presence into every moment and each chore.

While she works she interacts with her Deepest Desires to love well. She remembers her mother and father and their family flourishing in her childhood home. This shields her from negativity in her environment. Is it possible Cinderella works, not to benefit her wicked stepfamily, but to honor her parents and the life they shared?

Could her stepmother and stepsisters be irrelevant to Cinderella by the time of the Fairy Godmother’s appearance? Their unremitting squawks of anger roll off Cinderella as she puts her attention on the task in front of her. Even the most onerous of circumstances Cinderella continually affirms life grounded in her ability to love and create beauty. This is Positive Psychology at its best.

Is it true? You decide.

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