Monday, May 4, 2015

Who is the Fairy Godmother? The Fairy Godmother is the original ‘game-changer.’ She is a transcendent, quintessential radical; wearing a dress made from the silk of Fairy Dust spun together into living, oscillating threads of light.

Creating beauty and positive outcomes in the midst of turmoil is at the heart of the Fairy Godmother’s teachings. She instructs Cinderella “notice what gives you joy. Joy is a sure sign we are engaging our strengths.”

The Fairy Godmother says, “Embedded within our Deepest Desires are the seeds of our happiness.” In the Fairy Godmother’s presence Cinderella sheds her depression. She joins the frequency of the Fairy Godmother and hope begins to burn brightly within her.

When we are in the presence of someone like the Fairy Godmother, who knows their strengths, knows their skills and engages these resources to manifest Positive Possibilities: hope awakens within us. We no longer vibrate at the frequency of our problems. Instead we vibrate at the frequency of hope.

Positive psychology tells us happiness is the synergistic combination of positive emotion, the engagement of personal strengths - enjoyed solely for increasing self-mastery - and in service to a purpose greater than ourselves. Think "The Secret".

Fairy tales are filled with insurmountable tasks and enormous burdens. And so is life….For more of the Fairy Godmother’s wisdom read The Way of the Fairy Godmother @amazonkindle

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