Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ceremonial Transformation: The Art of Creating Favorable Outcomes

Written by Jennifer Morse, MS. PhD

I’m going to bombard you with questions. Why? Entering the world of Ceremonial Transformation is not for sissies. We are talking about mastery where your Deepest Desires dovetail with life.

So, do you long to upgrade life? Transform negativity? Live with purpose? Are you ready to pull your dreams from wispy realms into the real world? Do you have the courage, discipline, perseverance, and imagination it requires to live your dreams? If your answer is yes! Welcome to the mystical world of Ceremonial Transformation.

Ceremonial Transformation is a process designed to release you from patterns of self sabotage, and point you toward empowerment. Ceremonial Transformation draws a map, providing a plan for you to realize your dreams and goals.

Ceremonial Transformation is the process of releasing what no longer serves you or your purpose. This release from negative conditioning creates an opening for something new, fresh and powerful.

The second step of Ceremonial Transformation is to claim all of the qualities, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs you will have when you are the person living your dreams. When I say dreams I’m not referring to imagining yourself on a perpetual vacation sipping margaritas under the palm trees lining the beach. Living your dreams is manifesting your goals with a purpose that touches your life, and others, with power, beauty, success and health.

In this way Ceremonial Transformation is the process of cultivating positive outcomes. When the totality of your focus and intention is on developing the qualities associated with your positive goals your life will be transformed.

The last step in Ceremonial Transformation is to commit to specific behaviors and acts that will bring your desires, purpose and goals into tangible form. In the three easy steps: release, claim, and commitment: Ceremonial Transformation can move you from a life of meaningless frustrations to one of purpose, dignity, and maybe a little fun!

Jennifer Morse is the author of The Way of the Fairy Godmother and Redemption’s Warrior. Find them at Amazonkindle. Coming soon: Awaiting the Fairy Godmother and Letters from the Land of Midlife Dating

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