Sunday, June 14, 2015

I’ve decided it is important for me to honor the beginnings from which this blog evolved. Positive Psychology emerged as a  to be reckoned with a little over ten years ago. It marked a shift in the attitude of therapist from what was wrong with people to what was right. What strengths did people have that we could build on?

It turns out when you engage your strengths you initiate a state of flow, time flies by. With practice you increase skill and build mastery. Confidence improves. Strength building is an important part of the foundation of happiness. What are the other components?

In the beginning take stock of what is already good in life. Sometimes in times of need and stress it’s hard. Do you know the power of a cleansing breath? Do you know the quiet of twilight? How do you feel watching the faces of your children peacefully asleep? Learn to savor what is already good.

Speaking of children….an important part of happiness is a greater meaning to focus the priorities of life. Hopefully you have meaningful work where you can utilize your strengths. And bringing home a paycheck that feeds a family is another component of happiness. Having a focus of service, purpose greater meaning creating a perimeter around your life. This is important. A context of greater meaning provides definition for life. It encapsulates the qualities, activities, behaviors you value. It also forms a boundary keeping out what is negative or harmful. 

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