Thursday, September 24, 2015

                                         Advice from Jennifer Morse, MS, PhD

Trained as a marriage and family therapist, Jennifer has spent her life studying mysticism, striving for balance between conventional life and the mystical. As an author she has blended the lessons of fairy tales with the tools of Positive Psychology with The Way of The Fairy Godmother. And as a single woman navigating online midlife dating she has written an insightful and fun novel Letters From the Land of Midlife Dating.
If you have a question regarding any of the subjects below please email Dr. Morse at My answer line will be open from today through the month of October, 2015.
Enduring happiness/self esteem/dating/spiritual healing/meditation/motivation/inspiration/developing a positive attitude....or, your subject.
Remember to keep your question (one question only please) as brief as possible. And if you are seriously troubled always seek out medical attention or a spiritual adviser in your community.
Jennifer's books are available at Amazon Kindle. For a quick link

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