Sunday, September 13, 2015

All Women want to be Queen….

By Jennifer Morse, MS PhD

We return to fairy tales over and over again throughout our lifetime. Something glittering in the heart of the story compels us. So what exactly is their purpose?

Fairy tales are designed to impart wisdom. They are a map to living a life of wonder and purpose. When we follow the story we learn to overcome universal challenges.

In the story of Cinderella, on the surface, we see she wants a first date with the Prince. She wants the opportunity to love well in a reciprocal relationship. It will be a relationship where each partner is a version of their best-possible-self. A relationship where together they are stronger, empowered by each other.  

Pealing away another layer of the story we find the universal quest of all women to become Queen. But is Cinderella’s version of Queendom different from her stepsisters? Absolutely.

Cinderella’s stepsisters want the circumstances of becoming a Queen. In geometry terms the stepsisters want the circumference of what it means to be Queen. Or in medical terms they want the symptoms of becoming Queen. (I’m just playing around here, don’t get impatient.)

Disconnected from their Deepest Desires, disconnected from their personal strengths, their purpose in life, and without serving a greater purpose Cinderella’s stepsisters want to become Queen in the most superficial way.

For them becoming Queen will mean they won’t have to work. People will do favors and give them gifts. The will have the most beautiful clothes. Their jewelry will be the biggest and shiniest of all women in the land. Finally they will be married to the second most powerful person in the world, the Prince.

Don’t take my word for it, have a look at the people around you. Those people who have only the superficial symptoms of wealth are bored, angry and disappointed. Becoming Queen without a context of greater meaning is one-dimensional. Life is a cardboard imitation of what’s possible. The stepsisters only want the surface of becoming Queen, which is why they are doomed for failure before they even begin.

Cinderella’s dream of becoming Queen signals the beginning of her journey becoming whole and complete. In mathematical lingo Queen is the zero point, or the circumference and the interior. In medical terms she is both the symptoms and the illness. (No. Wait. That can’t be right. Hold on. I’ll stop fooling around)

Cinderella will be Queen from the depths and the surface. She will embody the superficial and the authentic. While becoming Queen she will fulfill her Deepest Desires to love well. She and the Prince will exchange love, in a context of the authentically reciprocal relationship. The key words here are Deepest Desires, love, authentically, and reciprocal.

Your Queendom lives within the depths of Deepest Desires you might hide from the world and yourself. When you engage with Deepest Desires you are authentically living. You are interacting with life in reciprocal terms, because believe it or not, the world needs your Deepest Desires both in their raw and evolving states.

Becoming Queen, Cinderella will interact with her Deepest Desires, igniting her strengths, bringing beauty and originality to the world. She will choreograph well-being, within the context of Deepest Desires, using her strengths. She will live in the glow of realizing her ambitions. Her Deepest Desires create beauty-health-well-being, for herself, and for all those around her.

It’s a natural outcome of living Deepest Desires that bring us the superficial coatings the stepsisters seek in conjunction with realizing goals and evolving our ambitions. Our Queendom reveals itself in the context of living our purpose, engaging our strengths, cleaving to the transcendent function of love and beauty in their infinite expressions as related to our purpose and Deepest Desires.

My final question for you: (Why is kingdom accepted by the computer dictionary while queendom is considered a misspelling?)

Jennifer Morse is the author of Awaiting the Fairy Godmother, the story of Cinderella’s life prior to meeting the Fairy Godmother. And the motivational book: The Way of the Fairy Godmother

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