Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thank you Writer's Digest for the solid 5 STARS. We are honored once again



Structure, Organization, and Pacing:                      

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar:   5       

Production Quality and Cover Design:   5                   

Plot and Story Appeal:   5     

Character Appeal and Development:  5     

Voice and Writing Style:  5

Judge’s Commentary*: A fascinating take on the mythology of fairy tales, with a fabulous truth delivered: “if we focus on the time prior to change, we become discouraged.” When we think about the Cinderella fairy tale, we certainly spend enough time thinking about Cinderella’s many negative influences, which then primes us for what comes after her metamorphosis. Well done. A reminder to the reader that the hard times are simply part of their success story. We get an important lesson not to get stuck in those early challenges. We need to squeeze every failure and unfair break for its lessons. Author does a marvelous job describing settings with sensory details that bring us into the story. And we also get a lovely dose of the spiritual, such as wondering if her parents watch over her. We can easily make the leap to wondering if God is truly watching over us. Do we still have access to that unconditional love and belief in us that shores us up? Fabulous, layered inspiration here. I loved how the author describes the fairy as ‘unshakeable in her optimism,’ a reminder that we need that type of influence in our lives, and if we can’t find it in another, we must be that way for ourselves. Brilliantly done. We have a great pace here, through a fully-realized story and multi-dimensional characters that light up our connection to the story we know and give us a new POV to the fairy influence beyond what we initially knew. Well done. I loved the elemental power of water running as a theme through the story, with an earth-connected heart to the story that taps into the well-described ‘hum of life.’ Some gorgeous phrasing here, and a fresh take on what fairy tales mean to us, how essential they are to believing in the magic within ourselves.       

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