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Honorable Mention
  Self Published Inspirational eBook-2016
A sophisticated story of empowerment and mysticism balanced with science and wrapped in the rich symbolic language of the fairy tale. Cinderella journeys around the cardinal points of the compass studying with a Fairy Godmother for each direction. She must awaken to the Four Directions on her quest to wholeness and the totality required to become Queen.

FROM THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS senior editor Diane Donavan

"A powerful examination of vulnerability and change that takes the trappings of a well-worn fairytale and injects it with new life. Readers of psychology, fantasy retellings, and self-help books will find Fairy Godmothers of The Four Directions a satisfyingly different approach that succeeds in packing much food for thought into what initially appears to be a simple retelling."

If fairy tales are like life, filled with insurmountable obstacles and heart breaking tragedies, how do we find happiness? Be honest, we are all looking for our happily-ever-after. To find her happiness Cinderella is required to transform from a girl into a Princess. Only a Princess can marry the Prince. This is fairytale speak for becoming a whole person. And the journey to wholeness is through the Four Directions, for her and for you, too.

The Prince explains, "Each direction is a paradigm for inward knowledge and worldly knowledge. A Fairy Godmother will introduce you to the qualities of their specific direction. Resolve the challenges and awaken... Together the Four Directions form the beginning of wisdom. Find the center of the Four Directions to claim your throne."

Like you and me, Cinderella is confused. "Four Directions? Fairy Godmothers? A Throne?"

Prince said, “There are many Fairy Godmothers. I studied with a different Fairy Godmother for each cardinal direction.” He added, “The dangers inherent in running a Kingdom are immense. People have agenda's, they cover deceit with distractions, and some are just plain dangerous when they don't get what they want. The Kingdom (life) requires you know your strengths, see past manipulation and deceit. The Four Directions will teach you..." Experience the adventures with Cinderella as she studies with The Fairy Godmothers of the Four Directions.

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