Monday, February 16, 2015

Goodreads recently asked me: What is Jennifer Morse reading right now?

I am two classes away from finishing my PhD in Positive Psychology. My last class text was Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson. It talks about the tipping point of positivity. If you can reach or exceed the ratio of 3:1 in favor of positivity you’ll initiate the cascade of events sweeping you into flourishing and thriving. A good experiment; I’m testing the theory right now, seeking the tipping point in my own life.

In John Gottman’s work delineating successful marriage he discovered the same tipping point. Malcom Gladwell wrote a book about the tipping point.

Books on my coffee table are the recently purchased The Book of Qualities and Notes on the Need for Beauty by J. Ruth Gendler. Ruth takes qualities and describes them. “Doubt is demanding and not very dangerous, but I appreciate his honesty.”

But my favorite description is anxiety: “Anxiety does not trust his friends worry, terror, doubt and panic….it takes a cunning to get rid of him…if you’re not near a bathtub wet your face with tears.” Check out The Book of Qualities by . So much fun. You’ll love it.

Sitting around me on the floor I have more books in my “to read” stack. Spy the Lie, The Secret Life of Pronouns, What Every Body Is Saying, The Definitive Book on Body Language. And Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. Whew! This is research.

On my Kindle I’m reading 30 Pieces of Silver and I just finished a trilogy by Robin Hobb. I’ve discovered my kindle goes everywhere. It finds the way into the bathtub with me or walking our goldendoodle Aidan. The other day walking Aidan around the block he tried to bump the Kindle out of my hand! I think if he could he’d steal it and hide it away I’d never see it again.

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