Saturday, February 14, 2015

We are preparing to write the second book in the Redemption Warrior series. The story beings with Juanita’s transfiguration with her swan in the midst of hurricane Olivia. Surviving the hurricane Juanita is plucked from the ocean by modern day pirates. It’s not the romantic stuff of story books. She is beaten and treated with contemptuous leers on good days.

On bad days she fears for her life. These men think nothing killing. Juanita uses all her skill, her training with La Currandera, to be invisible. She uses the strengths La Currandera has taught her to stand in her sacred witness, a place beyond the threats of violation to her body and mind.

The sacred witness is a timeless place filled with eons of celestial teachings. Juanita lives simultaneously within sacred witness and her time bound body. She exists on two planes of reality; the sacred and the ordinary. The pirates begin to fear her. Will their fear keep her safe or put her in more danger?

In this book readers experience with Juanita the temporal and mystical connections of redemption. Sacred dreams, mystical encounters, and ordinary sweat and guts may not be enough. As she asks one pirate, “Is it better to know you’re cursed? Or do you prefer to believe yourself the architect of strife and violence?”

Will Juanita forsake her apprenticeship under the weight of her cruel circumstance? Can she embody the teachings of La Caldera the womb of life? To claim freedom magical acts create her point of view. She must walk with a foot in the ordinary and a foot in the mystical, like the layers of a cake separate but whole.

Just when her life requires she fight to say alive, surrender will define, will outline, the silhouette of her redemptive beauty. Juanita surrenders to the force sculpting her escape. She must journey into the sacred dream to claim redemption and her love for Christopher.

Redemption’s Apprentice asks Juanita the questions we all face. Will she live trapped in the pains of the past? Can she cross the great divide, leaving childhood and death behind? Does she have the power to externalize her grief and let it live in the place of death on her alter? Countless readers will find their way to Juanita’s story as they have found in Amanda Hocking's stories.

The question for us all; can we become Redemption’s Apprentice? Does Juanita have enough knowledge to align her mystical body with her temporal body and walk with freedom into the future? This is Juanita’s story, Redemption’s Apprentice.

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