Sunday, March 29, 2015

First a big THANK YOU to all of our blog visitors. Today we are seeing about 50 visits per hour. We have been receiving rave reviews from friends about the cover for The Way of The Fairy Godmother. But alas they are friends. We would love some feed back from you, the reader, on the cover. Respond if you wish on the bottom of this page.

Jennifer is working on new informative and fun blogs....and a 3rd book.  I am gently leaning on our formatter to hurry up and give me something to put The Way of The Fairy Godmother on sale at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble/NOOK and Smashwords.  Around the first of April.

Meanwhile we love the new sales (FREE) for Redemption's Warrior. Keep spreading the word.

Thank you,


Just a blogging note.... Lady Gaga is the current blogging and Tweeting queen. 45 Million visitors on Twitter alone.

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