Monday, March 23, 2015

                             The Way of the Fairy Godmother

Today I completed the manuscript! The Way of the Fairy Godmother is at the formatters. I feel at once fulfilled and I’m falling into a million pieces. Our essential self does not care how much time or work it takes to bring our dreams into reality. Time and timelessness are identical to the essential self.

Engaging life with positive purpose is at the heart of the teachings of the Fairy Godmother. Yet our mastery and self-esteem is born out of an exchange of value that has currency in the material world. Our Deepest Desires must have worth in the day to day life. Achieving this result is the science of alchemy.

To create successful realities we take our invisible dreams and bring them into physical form with action. It’s the synthesis of our intention and action that creates the power to drive our goals into form.

Our dreams grounded in Deepest Desires and greater purpose, harmonized with congruent actions; their synergistic combination creates traction in the material world.

We are no longer vibrating with the traumas of the past. Congruent and focused we are vibrating at the rate of Positive Possibilities. Over time, layer upon layer of Positive Possibilities, tips us into flourishing. When we are vibrating at the rate of flourishing; we have undergone a personal revolution.

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