Thursday, March 12, 2015

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The original reason I began writing our blog was to develop an authentic relationship with readers. To create a genuine relationship I wanted the blog embedded with tools to change your life.

Ultimately the blog and our books orbit around what happens when you align your dreams and actions with a positive goal? In Redemption’s Warrior the story asks, how does Christopher marshal his resources for freedom, stuck on a prison island fifty miles outside of Mazatlan? Isolation, violence, deceit and betrayal are prison currency. Within this resonating field there is no freedom.

Over the past twenty years there has been a revolution in psychology. It’s aptly named, Positive Psychology. A prominent researcher in the field of positive psychology, Barbara Fredrickson, in her book Positivity suggests: Positivity presents an opportunity to step up to the next level of existence, (page 13 Positivity.) Is positivity strong enough to create freedom? Some experts believe positivity is delicate. What do you think? Is positivity strong enough to change your circumstances?

I think the experts have missed an important piece of the puzzle. When your mind, heart and body are aligned, this congruence empowers positivity. Choose positivity. This is the first step. At the very least it makes life more enjoyable. For positivity to become a catalyst of change requires congruence. Your positive goal aligns your thoughts, your emotions, your soul and your spirit. Continue to tie in positivity to your goals and behaviors. The power of positivity lives in congruence. This multiplicity transforms lives.

I’m tempted to leave off the blog right here. Wrapped up like a beautiful package explaining positivity and congruence. I know it sounds like a fairytale.

What’s the catch? Wait until you initiate the behavior, the actions, corresponding to your goals. Once you are engaged in the sweat of manifesting goals you’ll know this is not a fairytale. The reason wise people tell us to live our dreams and do what we love? Manifesting our dreams into tangible reality is labor intensive. If we didn’t love it, the effort could ruin us.

Occasionally people stumble into living a fairytale. Rarely individuals know what they want from an early age and begin devoting themselves to their goal in childhood. This is the exception rather than the rule. There are no guarantees we will manifest our fairytales into ordinary life. However, if we develop the discipline and engage in the labor the nature of positivity and congruence will take us to a better way, a better life.

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