Thursday, March 26, 2015

When was the last time you experienced Serendipity? Once upon a time Serendipity existed in a mythical land filled with treasure, where happiness reigned. Most of us are hungry for the treasures hidden in Serendipity. We long for good fortune to gift us with… good fortune. Especially when we are climbing the Golden Ladder, each rung a task tied to our Deepest Desires.

Translating Deepest Desires into reality is grunt work. Hopefully grunt work we love. But lonely. In the period of the Great Silence when all our efforts seem destined for failure; it’s stressful and frightening. We need tools to navigate this terrain. Focal Points of Beauty can help connect us with Serendipity.

What are Focal Points of Beauty? A spot of beauty in our environment; a sparkly crystal as a paperweight, a vase of flowers their fragrance floating on the air, our favorite painting, anything that pulls our attention toward beauty and away from stress. We savor the way our dog levitates with happiness when we come home. The splash of fiery pink across the sky at sunset or the crowns of flowers Saguaro cactus wear each May. A special conversation when our adult child says he loves talking to us or our husband confessing his love even when we’ve quarreled. We collect these moments. They are the corrective experience of love and Serendipity.

When we create Focal Points of Beauty in our home, office and garden we are inviting Serendipity, a pleasant surprise, to visit us. Whether we pause for a moment of reverie, or to appreciate a good memory, beauty will lift our spirits.

Let’s summarize: We live our Deepest Desires tied to congruent actions initiating our own brand of personal alchemy. Walking through the Great Silence we collect moments of beauty buffering stress. We are consciously cultivating Serendipity, attracted like bees to flowers, as we gather beauty.

Good Luck! Read The Way of the Fairy Godmother! Coming April!

Making a place in our goals for the sacred invites Serendipity flowing along the edges of our efforts to enter - bringing us a piece of unanticipated good fortune. Serendipity might show up as an accident or fluke. It could be a happy coincidence. Look for Serendipity hiding in Beauty. And Serendipity has a history of dwelling in scientific research.

Think: the discovery of penicillin. (The Way of the Fairy Godmother April 2015)

PS Have you seen the new Cinderella movie?

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